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Frequently Asked Questions > Personal Database > What is location data and when should I save it into my personal database?

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The Mashup App allows you to save location data into your personal database. Location data can include the latitude and longitude of a place, Google Maps URL, the street/postal address, and neighborhood of a place, document, or media content such as images, audio, and video. 

There are 4 major benefits for saving location data: 

  1. Saving your current location. The Mashup App can determine the street/postal address, neighborhood, and the latitude and longitude of your device. This is helpful if you want to remember an address  or information about an unfamiliar place. You can provide a detailed description about the location, describe nearby places, and share with friends. 

  2. Saving your location during a trip. The Mashup App can create a location log which you can visualize on a map. This helps you remember the streets you travelled on a trip, perhaps while sightseeing. The Mashup App is intelligent and will do its best to limit the drain on your device's battery.

  3. Adding location data to other data in your personal database. With The Mashup App, you can add location data to web and PDF documents as well as images, audio, and video content. Some users, such as rescue workers, archeologists, and historians can use The Mashup App to associate location and time data with their artifacts. 

  4. Notifying you of important nearby places. For the mobile professional or just a person getting their clothes from the cleaners, The Mashup App can automatically display the data related to a location just before you arrive. So if you save your presentations and receipts in your personal database, you can always be prepared.

Last updated on July 2, 2011 by Zaid