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How-To > Location > How do I save the location of the places that I visited while on a trip?

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The Mashup App helps you remember the details of your trips by allowing you to log the location of your device as you travel. Click here to read about The Mashup App's support for managing your location data.


If your device has the appropriate hardware support and you want to enable location logging, follow these steps:



  1. Tap on the "Places" tab bar item.
  2. Scroll to the "Location Logging Settings & Vicinity Alerts" Section.
  3. Enable the "Log my location" option. Your device will start to generate a stream of location data as you travel. The Mashup App will save these location into your personal database. This process is described in the blog post named Curating the Internet of Things.
  4. The Mashup App is an intelligent application and can monitor your battery. The Mashup App can automatically stop location logging at about 30 percent of your battery charge to ensure that you can still make telephone calls. 
  5. During your trip or after it, you can see a list of the locations that you have traversed. This list of locations will vary in accuracy from the places that you actually travelled. You can correct any errors and add supplemental data to provide context and commentary about the places.

    Tap on the "Refresh" button in the navigation bar.
  6. Scroll to the "Time of Visit" Section.
  7. Tap on the locations that you want to visualizae on an interactive map.
  8. Tap on the options icon in the navigation bar. You will be prompted to map all items in your location log or just the selected locations.

  9. The selected locations will be displayed on an interactive map.
  10. Tap twice and drag a push pin to correct its location.
  11. Tap the options icon in the navigation bar and you will be prompted to draw the path you took during your trip, group these related locations together and save them into your personal database, and create a static Google Map of these places which you can print.

  12. The green push pin indicates your start location and the red push pin indicates the end point of your trip. Purple push pins indicate a noteworthy place. Don't forget, these locations where generated by the sensors of your device. You can edit a location, add a new place, and delete and irrelevant place to best represent your trip so that you will remember this time and share you trip with your friends if you want.

  13. To add additional location information such as the street/postal address of the location, tap the push pin.
  14. Tap on the information icon and you can add a new location to the map or delete the location from either the map or permently from your location log. You can also send an SMS text message that you have arrived at this place.

  15. Tap on the disclosure icon.

    You will be presented with the place details view which will only contain some basic information about that place.

  16. Scroll to the "General" Section and you will be presented with the date and time of the visit. The time zone is also listed as is the distance from the starting location. You cannot edit this section.

  17. Scroll to the "GPS" Section and you will be presented with the latitude and longitude of the visit, an optional map label which helps by providing a memorable name for this location, and the Google Map URL which will allow you to always locate this place from your device or from a computer. You can edit the items in this section.

  18. You can manually edit the street/postal address and neighbourhood information or The Mashup App can add this information for you. To do this, scroll to the "Location Servers" Section and tap on either "Fetch from Primary Servers" or "Fetch from Secondary Servers". 


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Last updated on August 9, 2011 by Zaid