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How-To > Location > How do I view items with associated location data?

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The Mashup App allows you to associate location information with web, PDF, image, audio, and video content as well as saving the location of a real-world place. In either case, you can visualize these items on an interactive map. And as a memory aid, you can browse a list of locations organized by neighbourhood. You can also search for places based on neighbourhood, city, and state.

Browsing locations

To browse your personal database by location, do the following:


  1. Tap on the "Categories" tab bar item. You will see a list of the items in your personal database organized by title.
  2. Tap on the "Place" option. You will see a list of of the items in your personal database organized by the neighbourhood. This provides a hyperlocal view of your data.

  3. You can search this list by neighbouthood, city, and state.

    The term "Barrio" is used instead of neighborhood because of space limitations. Barrio is international term used in many culturers and languages to imply the block that you live on, or an area of a city or state. For example, some users may want to describe locations in their personal database as being in Glover Park which is also known as Georgetown North which are areas in Northwest Washington, DC. Long distance travellers may want to describe places in Newport Beach as Orange County, or The OC, or Southern California, or SoCal, or Cali. Likewise, some users will refer to locations as in the 909 or Riverside County or the Inland Empire. Since it's your data, you should be able to describe your data as you want and not be required to use a cartographer's description.

  4. To visualize the data related to this location, tap on the item.

    which will present the data items in the Flow view which also allows you to visualize the data on a map by tapping on the "Map" tab bar item.

    You can also visualize the data in a list by tapping on the disclosure button.

    which will present your data in a list view.

Mapping Nearby Locations

The Mashup App can project locations from your personal database on to a map. To visualize nearby locations, follow these steps:


  1. Tap on the "Home" tab bar item.
  2. Scroll to the "Mashup Reality" Section.
  3. Tap on "Map and locaate nearby items". You will be presented with an interactive map.

  4. Double tap and drag to change the location. Tab the disclosre button to edit the item. Tap the information button to other location services.

    The Mashup App provides these additional location services: getting directions to and from this location, managing Vicinity Alerts for this location, viewing the content related to this location, using Microsoft Bing to get the phone number, using Microsoft Bing to do a search about this location and nearby places, using Microsoft Bing to get the local weather for this location, and bookmarking this location.




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Last updated on August 7, 2011 by Zaid