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How-To > Web and Text Content > How do I save web and text content into my personal database?

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To save web content from Safari or text content from an email or SMS text message, follow these steps:



  1. Highlight and copy the content from the other app.
  2. Lauch The Mashup App.
  3. Tap on the Home tab bar item.
  4. Scroll to the "Create a Mashup Item" Section.
  5. Tap on "Use copied content". Your content will be saved into your personal database and after a few moments, you will be presented with a web editor. The web editor allows you to edit and annotate the content, You can delete unwanted advertisments or images.

  6. After editing the web content, you can re-save it. When re-saving, if your web content contains images, you will be prompted to embed the images into the content rather than have the images remain on the original web sites. Though embedded images take up more space, you will always be able to see the images even if you do not have an internet connection.

  7. Now that the web content is save into your personal database, you can edit its details by tapping on the "Details" button and you will be presented with the "Details" view.
  8. Scroll to the "General" Section and tap on the title field which will contain the default value "pasted content".

  9. You can type you own title or The Mashup App can fetch the orignal web page title.

  10. After saving the new title, you will return to the "Details" view.

  11. Scroll to add location data to this item this item is related to any specific place.
  12. Scroll to add text-to-speech content to this item.
  13. Scroll to the "Categories" Section and tap "Add or Change Categories" to provide a meaningful and memoriable description. If you do not provide a descriptive category, this item will be stored in the "Uncategorized" category.

  14. Select 1 or more previously created categories, or create a new category by tapping on the "Add" button in the navigation bar.

  15. Type a memoriable description for the content. Type complete sentences to ensure that you will be able to remember the content and that if you share the content it readers will be able to specificially understand which portions of the content are important to you.

  16. Scroll and select the newly create category.

  17. Tap the "Details" button in the navigation bar.





Last updated on July 30, 2011 by Zaid