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Privacy Policy of The Mashup App

The Mashup App is an intelligent application built on powerful database technology. A major goal of The Mashup App is to usher in the next phase of the web: a web where you control your personal information and curate your digital data-- from memories to knowledge -- all from your personal device.

The purpose of The Mashup App is to empower you, the user, to better manage your digital data. It is your data, only you should determine who has access to it.

Accordingly, The Mashup App does not surreptitiously transmit your personal data to third parties. Nor does The Mashup App transmit your unique device identifier to third parties.


Some features of The Mashup App require access to well known internet services such as search engines and location servers. If you perform a Microsoft Bing search or lookup a map location or address, The Mashup App will transmit your query and the current latitude and longitude of the device or specific location. The Mashup App will not transmit any personal data nor will The Mashup App transmit your unique device identifier.

If you have any concerns about The Mashup App, please click here and ask.